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Wings is an intelligent Autosar tool to analyze and edit your Autosar configuration in an easy and efficient way. It is compatible with existing configurations created with any Autosar-compliant tool. Don't work harder, work smarter!

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Our vision and mission

We believe that simple, intuitive and effective software development is possible for every industry and for every application, without exception.

Our mission is to deliver best-in-class development tools for the automotive industry.

Our product: wings

Wings is an innovative BSW configuration tool that helps you develop Autosar Classic projects faster and more efficiently by providing intelligent developer assistance and simplified workflows.

Using a 100% user-centric philosophy and an innovative approach to the UI, it is designed to reduce cognitive load and increase throughput.

It is 100% compatible to the Autosar Classic standard (up to R23-11) and works in combination with any third-party BSW stack and BSW generators.


Dominate Autosar Complexity

Seasoned Autosar developers will be supercharged with 10x speed. Inexperienced developers will achieve autonomy 10x faster.

Increase team flexibility

Empower Autosar developers to work autonomously and on broader areas of Autosar. Balance developer workloads more evenly in and between projects and achieve better results.

Better time-to-market

Accelerate time-to-market by being faster and more reliable. Deliver software which is generated with your or your customer's preferred BSW stack and code generators. Deliver faster and with less errors.


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